01 Introduction

Liquid wall-paper appeared only 20 years ago but already won deserved popularity around the world. No doubt such covering allows to eliminate roughness, completely eco-friendly and doesn't do harm to people and the environment. Liquid wall-paper contains cotton or cellulose fibres, dyes and glue. Such wall-paper protects from external noise and doesn't require special care.

Start Date

Feb 2019


App Development


design, website, seo

02 Story

LiquDec director is our client from other project, we had such a great work together that he trusted us to build another website for him! This was an interesting work, because the product is innovative and different from usual interior wallpapers, so we wanted to make the website standout! Due to us being part of this business early stages - we had an opportunity not only to create a website for this business, but also help deciding name for it and designing logo! It really felt like we are part of the business, so we've put all our efforts making our client happy successful!

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